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Aarav Chauhan

Aarav was born having profound deafness. He is the only child of the parents . The whole family was in a state of shock after listening that Aarav would not be able to hear and speak.

They approached Tara foundation and with ray of hope of cochlear implants , Aarav was operated for both ears . Now after two years of rehabilitation at Tara foundation Aarav is just like another normal child.
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Anaika Yadav

Our radiating and absolutely brilliant baby. What every child is to their parents probably. The most joyous moment in the life is when your child calls out papa or mumma but for ours we had to wait for that happiest moment. Anaika even after a year didn't respond to her name and didn't spoke out the beautiful words we were dying to listen. We ignored the fact and just believed that she is taking time to grasp things but when she turned 2, we received complaints from school and they suspected our child had a hearing problem. We never wanted to believe this, who would? Yet we took her to a doctor and everything just fell apart when he told that our child was 90% deaf. We were numb and clueless. We never imagined this and neither saw this coming. The fact that our baby will never turn around when we call her 'Anaika' just broke our heart. We had to do something about this, we cannot see this misery sticking to our child.

We got to know about cochlear implant and successful results about the same. We got our child operated by ear specialist from Tara Foundation and now she's taking the leaps, speaking clearly and hearing all things right. We cannot be more grateful to the Lord to bring our absolutely brilliant and radiating child out from the misery.

Vihabhai Rabari

It’s a story of a child whose elder child is all normal and going to a mainstrem school where as parents cannot digest the thought that her younger child would have hearing disability initially and that is a down hearted moment for parents because turning two and not responding to sound is not the thought to believe ..Our nights have turned sleepless .but the ray of hope was alive after being operated our child has started responding to sound and speech now ....we are note a regret of anything and his life would be colorful just like rest of the children too .our decision of getting operated from tara foundation was so fruitful that our family started blooming with different speech and sound when viha started hearing and we have started believing the thought that every child is special.



Vihaan Popat

How do you nurture a child when you are the one who needs all the support? Here's everything that Vihaan and his mother have been through. It is a heart wrenching moment for a lady when she's not able to serve and shower her baby with all the love in the world. Vihaan's mother and our sincere faculty member has been through this. She was suffering from breast cancer when she had Vihaan in her life. She didn't know how to deal with this. She sent him to her sister's place so she could take care of her. Breast cancer was sure tough to deal but the fact that she couldn't give all the love to her child stayed with her all through that time. She was finally cured with all the ailments and treatments. Then was the time she could give all the attention and love to her baby but life threw another wrecking ball in the name of hearing loss of Vihaan. He was almost two when she came to realize that he couldn't listen. She could survive cancer but the loss of her child was unbearable. She could see her life flat lining before her. She consulted doctors and got to know about the treatments that would let Vihaan get his hearing senses and now from whistling cookers to loud mommy screaming Vihaaaaaaan, he can hear every single thing. She is the happiest lady on the face of earth that now Vihaan can speak Mumma Pappa and listen every trivial noises.

Prabal Chaurasia

It is definitely not a nice feeling when you call your child and they don't respond, not for a day but for days and weeks and months. We have went through this horrifying feeling and we cannot express our grief? Prabal prabal we kept calling but our 1.5 year old baby never looked back. We took him to a doctor and we got to know about his hearing loss. It broke our heart but we never lost hope. We got him operated under Tara Foundation and our baby now turns around everytime we call prabal

He started responding to name callingg, music and 6ling sounds It is such an overwhelming and happy feeling, like life came back smiling to us!