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Dr. Neeraj Suri

Dr. Neeraj Suri

Cochlear implant surgeon Asso prof and Dept of ENT Gandhinagar civil hospital Gujarat

Every child born has a right to grow to her full potential irrespective of gender, class, caste or religion. Unfortunately, many children are deprived of this opportunity or lack necessary support for unleashing their creative potential. One such case is the children suffering from hearing impairment. With right intervention at an appropriate stage, every such child can learn to communicate in the spoken language and become independent and contributing citizen in the mainstream of society. I have personally experienced in a number of cases, wherein, on early intervention has transformed a life of the child and their family.

Everyone deserves the gift of hearing. who would otherwise be suffering in the world of silence.

I’m happy to note that TARA FOUNDATION is a charity organization marking in this direction. The mission of the Foundation “NO CHILD IS LEFT DEAF “echoes the above-stated desire to break the world of silence.

The Key activities of the foundation include

  • Newborn hearing screening program soon after birth in the rural and tribal region.
  • Hearing Aid Bank

    A Child can be fitted with hearing aids or cochlear implant surgery by the age of one year. With the rehabilitation of one year, the child can be normal with no special tag. Foundation fits hearing aids to children through the hearing aid bank which foundation has created.

  • Rehabilitation Centers

    Foundation has pledged to have more therapy centers than deaf schools in this decade. The gift of hearing opens up a whole new world of opportunity. It connects individuals to life and helps them realize they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Foundation help bridge the gap at school, work and life for children with hearing loss. The Foundation works closely with strategic partners such as regional health centers, schools, and non-governmental organizations in each community, bringing help to those who may have never seen a doctor for their hearing problem. Let’s make a concerted effort to open world of sound to those locked up in a cell of silence.